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  • Sales executive (Moving)

    • SGD 28,600 - 52,000
    • シンガポール 島内
    • メーカー(自動車/化学/家電/鉱物/工場 他)

    Company Overview Sales executive (Moving) Job Description ・ To be responsible for day-to-day management of all aspects of customer service. ・ Attend to general inbound enquiries, requests and feedbacks received via phone and e-mails. ・ Work well with overseas relocation team to ensure exceptionally high standard of service is being delivered. Requirements ・ Minimum Diploma/Degree, preferably with discipline in Logistics or Supply Chain Management. ・ Preferably having 2 to 3 years and above in sales experience in relocation services and/or logistics. ・ Candidate must have prior “hunter” sales experience. ・ Candidate must have an excellent sales track record, strong communication and negotiation skills. ・ Candidate must have a pleasant demeanor and a positive attitude. ・ Able to work with all levels of people with diverse cultures/backgrounds. ・ Possess an outgoing and affable personality. ・ A team player. ・ Candidate with at least N2 JLPT proficiency will be preferred, as this position requires liaising with Japanese clients directly. Additional Job Information Interview Process: Interview (1~2times)

  • Editor, Content Operations

    • SGD 36,000 - 54,000
    • シンガポール 島内
    • サービス業界(メディア/広告/コンサルタント/教育/外食/飲食/美容/娯楽/士業 他)

    Job Description Our Client: Our client is one of the top animation companies with great track record in Media Industry. They’re actively looking to hire an Editor for their Content Operations to join their Singapore team. About the Role: Responsible for preforming operational tasks, including but not limited to, preparing and processing assets for linear and nonlinear services for broadcast and digital media uses for Disney and FNG services in the Asia-Pacific regions The Responsibilities: • Perform all aspect of edit works including mastering and formatting of programs • Conduct Standard and Practice and PSE editing on both video and audio files based on the censorship report to ensure all materials are complied with relevant regulations and practices of the recipient markets • Conform foreign language dub tracks to match the video • Perform digital conversion for different types of components, different frame rates or different format types in accordance with the distribution requirement • Control the logistic flow to ensure all materials delivered in time for transmission and/or distributions • Control and approve quality of incoming and processed media file including subtitle dubbing materials before sending for transmission and/or distribution • Capturing and recording of assets related technical data such as timecode and format information, and maintain data accuracy in all application systems used by the operational functions, i.e., content management systems for both linear and nonlinear services, and their media processing systems • Ensure that tasks assigned by Supervisor are completed in a timely manner with quality in place • Help track details of all the operational problem, investigate and provide solutions • Help manage all aspects of standard operational procedures is kept and up to dated The Requirements: • ITE/Diploma certification, preferred in media studies or production • 3 years of non-linear editing experience in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro or ProTools environment • Knowledge in application of audio-based systems like ProTools or Soundtrack Pro or Nuendo • Knowledge of transcoding engines like Vantage, Rhozet, Compressor, Episode Pro etc. • Knowledge of Digital Asset Management system like Dalet, Mediator • Proficiency in Japanese language is required to be able to perform translation and editing duties in Japanese language • Have passion for working in the media industry • Self-motivated, team player and positive attitude towards work • Able to prioritize effectively & adopt flexible approach to different tasks • Ability to work effectively under pressure Disclaimer: The Company complies with the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices (TGFEP), including the prevailing guidelines on recruitment. All qualified applicants will be considered for the position regardless of their age, race, religion, nationality, marital status, or family responsibilities. A more detailed discussion of the TGFEP is available on the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) website at https://www.tal.sg/tafep.

  • 店舗運営スペシャリスト

    • SGD 42,000 - 54,000
    • シンガポール 島内
    • サービス業界(メディア/広告/コンサルタント/教育/外食/飲食/美容/娯楽/士業 他)

    Company Overview 日本食レストラン Job Description 【業務内容】下記がご担当いただく業務内容となります。 落ち着いた雰囲気でありながら活気のあるお店で、接客スペシャリストとしてホール業務をお任せします。 ・お客様のご案内~お会計 ・電話でのお問い合わせ・予約受付 ・在庫管理・発注 ・伝票・メニュー作成(簡単なパソコン操作です) ・若手スタッフの指導 ・開店・閉店作業  など Requirements 【要件】下記要件を満たしている方を募集します。 ・飲食店・旅行代理店・ホテル・旅館などのサービス業界での接客経験をお持ちの方 ・店長サポート、新人指導などのマネジメント経験がある方、歓迎!(必須ではありません) ※上記に関する経験年数・ジャンル不問で、飲食に携わりたいというお気持ちをお持ちの方とは、積極的に面接予定です。 Additional Job Information 【ビザ】 サポートあり

  • Sales Executive

    • SGD 56,000 - 84,000
    • シンガポール 島内
    • サービス業界(メディア/広告/コンサルタント/教育/外食/飲食/美容/娯楽/士業 他)

    Company Overview 大手日系物流企業より営業サポートまたは営業の募集!~S$6,000 Job Description 【業務内容 / Job Description】 1)お客様とのやり取り(電話・メール) 2)入札の為の見積作成サポート 3)お客様との値段交渉と調整 4)本社や統轄拠点とのやり取り 5)プレゼン資料の作成(パワーポイントなど) 6)営業同行 Requirements 【応募要件 / Requirement】 1)3年以上の下記のようなご経験をお持ちの方 例:海運か物流業界でのセールスまたはセールスサポート   商社などでの営業・営業サポート・貿易実務   メーカーや卸で輸出または輸入実務を含む営業または営業サポートまたは貿易実務 2)ビジネス初級レベルの英語力 Additional Job Information <選考プロセス / Interview Process> *面接2回

  • Business Analysist

    • SGD 105,000 - 150,000
    • シンガポール 島内
    • インターネット業界(IT/ソフトウェア/ハードウェア/モバイル/通信 他)

    Company Overview 日系大手IT企業よりBusiness Analysistの募集。賞与3ヵ月、充実の福利厚生あり。 Job Description 【Job Description】 • Devise and assess procedures and methods for data collection, including opinion polls, surveys and questionnaires. • Gather information on competitors, and conduct analysis on their sales, prices and methods of distribution and marketing to thoroughly learn about the competition. • Conduct research regarding marketing strategies and consumer opinions while collaborating with statisticians, marketing professionals and pollsters. • Track and forecast trends in sales and marketing, and analyze in detail the data collected to provide management with thorough reports and results. • Collect and analyze data regarding customer preferences, demographics, buying habits and needs to better identify market potential and factors influencing product demand. Requirements 【Requirements】 • AI-related 3-5 years of experiences in the IT industry or AI-related 3-5 years of experiences in the consulting industry • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field • Excellent oral and written communication skills • Ability to multitask well • Strong background in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint • Fluent English to be able to liaise effectively with native English colleagues and business associates (Better to have) • Business level Japanese to be able to liaise effectively with native Japanese colleagues and business associates Additional Job Information <選考プロセス / Interview Process> *面接3-4回

  • Japanese Sous Chef

    • SGD 72,000 - 96,000
    • シンガポール 島内
    • 小売業界(高級商材/ファッション/アパレル/生活用品/家電 他)

    Company Overview 日本食レストラン Sous Chefポジションの募集! Job Description 【業務内容 / Job Description】 お任せカウンターにて、お客様の目の前で高級食材を使用し料理をご提供。 キッチン全般のお仕事をお任せします。 ・接客 ・食材調達 ・メニュー考案 ・コスト管理 ・食材の仕入れ ・衛生管理 など Requirements 【応募要件 / Requirement】  <必須 / Must have> ・おまかせ料理店での3年以上の業務経験 ・良好な人間関係を維持できる方 ・チームプレーヤー Additional Job Information 【その他情報 / Other Information】  <選考プロセス / Interview Process> 面接2回程度 (スキルテスト含む)

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