Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City
VND23,000,000 - 36,800,000
Job Number
English Level:Business Level;Japanese Level:None;
Job Category
Internal IT(Server administrator/ Network engineer etc)
Posted 2023/03/01

Job Description

1. Schedule compliance
- Create WBS
- Gantt chart using Ticket System
- Setting work task appropriately
- Create test case → Create + Do Iteration Review multiple times
- Assign detailed tasks to the members of the team, confirm the completion
- Provide work instruction and set priority for work based on important points
- Grasp the status of completed tasks correctly and share to the members
- Coding is completed or not, has the unit test done or not, the result of customer review is satisfactory or not.
- Cooperate with communicators.
- Investigate the customer's plan and create a corresponding schedule, confirm, and follow it.

  2. Minimize the bug
- Minimize "bugs" occurring when delivery products to clients.
- Operate the project with the mind-set: The period for the client’s check isn’t the time to find bugs but the time to ensure that the product is a perfect one.

  3. Avoid the consuming of customer resources.
*** Training members & Motivating up for members
- Train and provide instructions of essential engineering technology for the project to members.
- Provide training to match with company's policies· Provide training for development process.
- Manage motivation of team member.
 - Use the company's provided funds assigned to PM to improve the motivation for members.

Job Requirement

a) Education & Experience
-          Bachelor degree in Information Technology.
-          At least 5 years professional web application development experience with Java or PHP
-          At least 2 years team management experience, team size is more than 3 members.
b) Hard Skills
-          Strong knowledge of Java/PHP
-          Basic knowledge of security.
-          Good research skill.
c) Soft Skills
-          Reading and writing in English fluently, Speaking fluently is plus.
-          Advanced communication skill.
-          Active attitude.
-          Contributing to team and customer.
-          Good problem-solving skill.
The position has been closed.