RGF Internal hiring Entry form

Aiming to be No.1 of all-rounded Human Resource service provider, RGF is looking for professionals like you!

RGF Internal hiring Entry form

Aiming to be No.1 of all-rounded Human Resource service provider, RGF is looking for professionals like you!

Available JOB category

No4 scale of the world
Job Title Career Advisor(CA)
Location China(Shanghai,Suzhou,Beijing,Tianjin,Dalian,Guangzhou,Shenzhen)・Singapore・Hongkong・Indonesia・Thailand・Vietnam
Responsibilities Maintain strong relationships among candidates, by strategically controlling the action to keep contacting them by utilizing the database system.
Deeply understand the candidates through interviews.
Not only "knowing" them but "understanding" them by asking from several aspects about their job, career, life, and future.Consult and advise the candidate how to maximize the possibility to reach success in their life, by providing the job market tendency and information.(Not just making them see the salary matters in short-term period)
No4 scale of the world
Job Title Recruiting Advisor(RA)
Location China(Shanghai,Suzhou,Beijing,Tianjin,Dalian,Guangzhou,Shenzhen)・Singapore・Hongkong・Indonesia・Vietnam・Thailand(Urgent)
Responsibilities Serve for the enterprises with giving them recruitment strategies,insights, advices, and suitable candidates according to their request
Keep strong relationships among all clients, not only with the HR PIC but with the Managerial level (Presdir, BOD, GMs) to catch the latest business situation of them
Acquire Job Orders from the clients by executing strategical sales and marketing activites. (JO numbers are the numbers of the opportunities for the jobseekers)
Deeply understand the background of the client's business and the reason they need to hire a employee from external.
1200 specialist consultants
Job Title Business Development(BD)
Location China(Shanghai,Suzhou,Beijing,Tianjin,Dalian,Guangzhou,Shenzhen)・Singapore・Hongkong・Thailand(Urgent)
Responsibilities Serve for new enterprises with proposing our services.
Make strong relationships among all clients and discover the new business opportunites.
1200 specialist consultants
Job Title Researcher(RS)
Location China(Shanghai,Suzhou,Beijing,Tianjin,Dalian,Guangzhou,Shenzhen)
Responsibilities [Supporting duties]
Arranging interview schedule, assistance duties, data analysis
Manage excel files, customer service, compiling internal materials
1500 placements
Job Title Manager
Location Singapore
Responsibilities [Leading business units, Business expansion]
Manage existing team, including accounting manager/ consultants
Manage KPI reports, internal recruitment, staff training, improve operational efficiency, corporate planning
No4 scale of the world
Job Title Researcher
Location Tebet, Jakarta
Responsibilities Contribute to the growth of our candidate database, in order to;
1) Bring opportunities for the Indonesian jobseekers
2) Enable our consultants to provide suitable recommendations to enterprises (fulfill the job vacancies)

- must dedicate oneself to maximize the candidate database
- always seek for a new candidate sourcing route, not only relying on the current way
- Managing the candidate sourcing routes
- Post the jobs in job portals
- Manage and Monitor Reports
- Execution of the project jobs

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