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New Office Launch – Cikarang, RGF HR Agent


RGF would like to inform the launch of a new office in Cikarang, Indonesia which started the operation from August 2016.


The Recruit Group has been developing its services and operations with the aim of offering a wide variety of employment opportunities to users worldwide. As for our International Recruitment Business, we are expanding our service to provide recruitment solutions to all companies including Japanese, Western or local companies through our Executive Search Business which focuses on senior executives and managerial positions and Selection Business which focuses on junior to middle manager positions.


Indonesia has been expected as one of the largest potential growth country in ASEAN and has continued to attract companies originated in Japan seeking for opportunities outside Japan. In Indonesia, RGF has been providing selection recruitment services as RGF HR Agent from 2013 in Jakarta primarily focusing on Japanese local entity hiring needs.  Cikarang where the new office is set for RGF HR Agent will be a location where there are multiple industrial parks nearby.  The city is approximately 35km East of Jakarta and covering this whole area in Bekasi, Cikarang, Karyawan, and Purwakarta, there are approximately 700 Japan originated companies having offices in the area.


With this expansion of the new office, RGF HR Agent aims to expand its services to not only the central city of Jakarta but towards the industrial companies in the suburbs of Jakarta. 


RGF HR Agent Indonesia, Cikarang Office Data


Ruko Palais De Paris, Blok   F1/No.5, Jalan Deltamas Boulevard, Cikarang Pusat, Bekasi, Indonesia


+62 21   22157153


29th August 2016

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