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Effective Time

8 Sep   2017 – 31 Dec 2017


Campaign   Terms

·     Collaborator : Person who registers to join the campaign

·     Referred CDD:  Candidate who is referred by   Collaborator of the Campaign and meets all conditions in Point No. 7.

·     Reference Confirmation Email (Email from RGF to confirm that a Referred CDD  is   qualified to join this Collaboration Campaign)

·     Years of Experience: Total full-time working time of the Referred   Candidate.

·     Referred Date: When RGF received Referred CDD’s Resume mentioned in         Point No.7

·     Joining Date: When the Referred CDD starts   working at a new company that     RGF introduced

·     Working Period: the number of days from Starting Date to  Stop working Date/    Current working date of   the CDD at    the company that RGF Introduced

·     RGF Mailbox: vietnam@rgf-hragent.asia / chikieu@rgf-hragent.asia

·     RGF’s Website: https://www.rgf-hragent.asia/en/vietnam/all

·     RGF Office in HCMC:

o     Address: 901   Central Plaza, 17 Le Duan Dist, Ben Nghe Ward, HCMC

o     Tel: 028 3911   5800

·     RGF Office in Hanoi

o     Address: 11th   floor, GELEX Tower, 52 Le Dai Hanh Street, Hai Ba Trung       District, Hanoi

o     Tel: 024 32 18   11 08


Successful   Job –Change

When the Referred   CDD  join the Company introduced by   RGF from 8 Sep 2017 to     28 Feb 2018 AND the Working  Period is  at least 62 days


Campaign Award










The awards are from VND 1,500,000 to VND 8,000,000   and will be pay by bank transferred payment.

The payment amount varies depending on Referred   CDD’s Years of Experience or Tittle mentioned in the Offer Letter.

Years of Experience: 

- Fresh: VND 1,500,000

- Up to 3+: VND 2,500,000

- From 4 to 7+: VND 4,000,000

- From 8: VND 6,000,000 VND 

Job Title: 

- BSE: VND 8,000,000

- Project Manager

- From Manager Level : VND 8,000,000 (This level not inlude Assistant    Manager Level)


Who can   get the  Campaign Award?

Collaborator will get RGF’s Campaign Awards if the Referred CDDs they introduce meet the   following conditions:

1.    Referral   Date: From 8 Sep 2017  - 31 Dec 2017                                                (based on Reference            Confirmation Email)

2.    Joining Date:   From 11 Sep 2017 – 28 Feb 2018                                      

         (based   on our Client’s confirmation about the joining date of the                       Referred CDD)

3.        Working Period: at least 62 days


If you have Successful   Job –Change but:

·          either the Referral Date and the Joining Date is not in our campaign   term; or

·          the Referred   CDD’s Working Period is less than 62   days; or

·          your contact   information is not correct so RGF cannot contact Referred Candidate and Collaborator

·          RGF finds   immoral or unfair actions.

You will not get RGF’s Awards


How to   register to be Collaborator?

·          To register to   join this Campaign as Collaborator,   please send us an email with the following Subject and Content:



I would   like to register to be Collaborator – RGF 2017 Collaborator Campaign

1.      Full Name:

2.      Date of   Birth:

3.      ID Card /   Passport No. (need attached Photo/Scanned of ID Card)

4.      Email   Address:

5.      Bank   Account (The bank account that you will receive the payment from RGF if you   get the Campaign Award)

·          Account Name:

·          Account Number:

·          At Bank:

·          Branch:

·          Received   Email Address: RGF Mailbox or Email   of RGF’s consultants

·          After receiving   your registration email, you will receive an email from RGF Mailbox  with subject COLLABORATION REGISTRATION   CONFIRMATION to confirm that you are successful in Collaborator Registration.  


Who can be   Referred CDD?

Referred   Candidate should meet the below   requirements:

·          The candidate’s   Resume is sent to RGF during the Effective   Time

o     Japanese Speaking Candidates: No need  to   mention specific vacant jobs from RGF

o     English Speaking Candidates: The Collaborator are required to mention JOB CODE   from RGF’s website that suitable to the Candidate. If RGF finds the   Candidate’s profile is not suitable to the job, the candidate will be   unqualified to be Referred Candidate

·          Has all   required information as below:

·          Full Name:

·          Date of Birth:

·          Email Address:

·          Contact Phone   No:

·      Minimum Degree: College Degree

·      Language:

o     Japanese Speaking Candidate: Japanese skills is equivalent to N2 (Need at least   N3 Certificate, College or Bachelor Degree in Japanese, study or living in   Japan). RGF will check Japanese skills of the candidates. If the candidates   do not meet language skills requirement from RGF, they will not be qualified.

o     English Speaking Candidate: English skills    meet the Language Requirement of   the Job that Collaborator introduce

·      Has not   existed in RGF’s Database System

·          RGF has own   Database System

·          RGF will check   the existence of the candidate when receiving compulsory information of the   candidates

+ If the candidates   is existed in our database, they will not be qualified

+ If the candidates   is not existed in our database, they will be qualified


When a candidate directly send their CV to RGF, we   will support the candidate in finding a new suitable job. However the   candidate will not be qualified as Referred   CDD of the Campaign if:

·          The Candidate   does not mention the Collaborator’s   Information:

-           Collaborator’s Name

-           Collaborator’s Email Address

·          The mentioned collaborator   has not registered as Collaborator   of our Campaign.



Introduce   Referred Candidate Email

When a Collaborator   introduce candidates to RGF, you  should mention the following in your email:

·          Japanese   speaking Candidate:

o     Attached Resume   of the Referred CDD; OR

o     All Required   Information of the Referred CDD if   there is no Resume attached

·          English   speaking Candidate

o     Attached Resume   of the Referred CDD and JOB CODE   of the job suitable to the Referred CDD; OR

o     All Required   Information of the Referred CDD if   there is no Resume attached and JOB CODE of the job suitable to the Referred CDD


Confirmation   Email – Referred Candidate

After Receive   CV/Resume of Referred CDD, RGF will send CONFIRMATION EMAIL – REFERRED   CANDIDATE to the Collaborator and   the Referred CDD


RGF confirm   Collaborator [ name of the Collaborator ]    has successful introduce the below Referred Candidate:

Collaborator Information:

o     Full Name:

o     Date of Birth:

o     ID Card/Passport No.

o     Email Address:

Referred CDD:

o     Full Name:

o     Date of Birth:

o     Email Address:

o     Years of Experience

o     Contact Phone No.:

o     Referred Date:


When will   you get the award?

·          If the Referred CDD pass his/her 62 working   days at RGF’s Client before 15th of the month, payment will be   paid at the end of that month.

·          If the Referred CDD pass his/her 62 working   days at RGF’s Client from 15th of the month, payment will be paid   at the end of the following month.


Procedures   to get the  awards

1.        Send email to RGF Mailbox or Email of RGF’s   Consultants to register as Collaborator (Point No.6)


3.        Send introduced   candidate ‘s Resume/ information to RGF   Mailbox or Email of RGF’s Consultant (within the Effective Time )

4.        Wait for RGF   checking whether the introduced candidate meets Referred CDD’s qualified conditions

5.        Receive Reference Confirmation Email from RGF  

6.        Has Successful Job Change: meet 02 below   conditions:

·          Joining Date:   11 Sep 2017 – 28 Feb 2018

·          Working Period is equal or greater than 62 days

7.        RGF send Notice   about CDD get Offer, & Joining Date  (When Referred CDD join RGF’s Client)

8.        When the   Working Period of Referred Candidate is equal or greater than 62 days, RGF   send Notice about Award Amount and Payment Time within 5 days. If we do not   send Email to you, it automatically means that the Working Period of the   candidate is less than 62 days.








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