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【Closed】Sales Staff - Trading


Sales Staff - Trading


Shosha (trading company)

Area/Regional/Branch Sales Manager


IDR5,000,000 - 7,000,000

Indonesia Bekasi/Cikarang


Job Detail

・Sales of general chemicals and paints such as chemical products to manufacturing company
・Sales of industrial machine, instrument, to manufacturing company
・Reporting to Indonesian Assistant Manager mainly. Sometimes to Japanese. There are 2 Japanese report line so need change the report based on client and product.
・Contacting to HQ in Japan.
・Accompanying with paint technical person or Japanese person to client if needed.
・Accompanying to go to client and taking technical class with some Japanese business tripper a few times in a month.
・Making a good relationship with client.
※There is possibility to go to Japan if achieved the target.
※Deal with products with more than 30,000 items
※Invoice will be prepared by other sales person so only be able to focus on pure sales activity.
※There is a Japanese language class about trading business.
※Official terminology is Japanese language in this company.
・Ability to change sales style to each client.
・Ability to create good relationship with client.
・Japanese skill ( JLPT N2 ~ N3) 
・Working experience in Japanese company
・Challenge mind to get something new without fear of change. 
・Team worker


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