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Senior Research Analyst / Consultant

Senior Research Analyst / Consultant

Business Level



Business Level

HKD25,000 - 50,000


Hong Kong Kowloon Side



Job Detail

<Job Responsibilities>
• Perform in-house think tank functions
• Interpret, evaluate and interrelate research data and develop integrated business analyses and projections for incorporation into strategic decision-making
• Perform Megatrend analysis to build a long-term strategy
• Conduct and coordinate financial, product, market, operational, and related research to support strategic and business planning
• Create a detailed business analysis, outlining problems, opportunities, and solutions to develop a long-term strategy
• Support manager to manage market research and analysis projects including planning, implementing, writing report and presentation to Headquarters
• Communicate with business partners to manage research and analysis projects to ensure quality output within specified time and budget.
• Keep track of the market, competitors, and customer trends related to, but not limited to the company's products and services through media monitoring, publications, interviews, surveys, site visits, and others.
• Stay up-to-date on the latest process and IT advancements to automate and modernize systems

<Necessary Skill / Experience >
• Fluent in English and Chinese
• Japanese (JLPT N2 or above)ability is an advantage
• Work experience in Think Tank / Research institute / Consulting firm preferred
• Strong analytical skills with the ability to write and present analysis reports. Interpersonal and teamwork skills
• Knowledge of the latest technologies such as AI, IoT, big data would be a plus
• Top-tiered university graduates

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