RGF is global brand of Recruit Japan

Our Process -

Hiring order in HongKong

RGF's unrivalled recruitment process encompasses international-level practices that are designed to attract and hire the best talent available in the market. The recruitment process is a highly essential feature of our organization. We have divided this process into several phases.

The job Order/Enquiry

Always ready to hear your requests

  • Our specialized consultants determine the profile and nature of the position to be filled within your company.

  • We also determine how urgent the recruitment is and when the candidate must be on board.

Recruitment Consultation

This is where we initiate a successful recruitment

  • Our consultants gather a smart understanding of the selling points of your company in order to devise a perfect recruitment move.

  • We know how a candidate would grow and develop in your company.

Terms and Conditions

Our policies are made of trust and reliability

  • We guide candidates all the way through the acceptance and signing of the contracts with your company during the recruitment process. We check for counter offer and fear of change amongst candidates and address it to the employers instantaneously.

Introducing Candidates

Finding and selecting suitable candidates

  • After understanding the job order, we will search and select suitable candidates for your organization.

  • With a reach that extends globally, RGF promises to find the right candidate for the right job in your company.

Interviewing candidates

A detailed interviewing process

  • We interview the candidates and examine their potential to do the job efficiently by checking their experience certificates.

  • Our interviewers double check the candidate's reason for leaving previous job and expectations from new company.

Closing and the follow up

The final phase with offers and follow ups

  • We determine the salary expectations of the client. We also address employee about salary benefits, appraisal policy, company norms, and contract signing.

  • We always stay in touch with the candidate and the employer even after the hiring is completed.