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RGF's unrivalled recruitment process encompasses international-level practices that are designed to attract and hire the best talent available in the market. The recruitment process is a highly essential feature of our organization. We have divided this process into several phases.


Fulfilling your requirements

To identify the perfect job for you, RGF undergoes a comprehensive search of companies offering the exact role, competencies, and working conditions you are looking for. By developing a perfect understanding of your personality, profile, and aspirations, our consultants will illuminate the path to your career's success.

  • Career Consultancy
  • Candidate scouting
  • Internal interview


Connecting you rightly

Choosing the right job does not have to be a throw of the dice. We connect you with the ideal company looking for an ideal candidate like you. Our consultants make things easier for you by giving you an overview of the interviewer's character, and the expected line of questions.

  • Jobs matching
  • Client-candidate introduction
  • Interview advice


Dealing with Negotiations/ Leave negotiations to us

RGF takes care of the salary negotiations with your employer rightly. Our experienced consultants strive to develop a perfect balance between you and your prospective employer in terms of salary. When hired, we can easily support a high compensation and a quick appraisal for you.

  • Offer and closing process
  • Candidate support and follow-up