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【Closed】IATF or ISO13485 Project Staff - Manufacturing (Depok)


IATF or ISO13485 Project Staff - Manufacturing (Depok)

Business Level



IDR7,000,000 - 10,000,000


Indonesia Jakarta/Depok/Bogor



Job Detail

<Number of employees : Total : 1500 Local : 1490 Japanese : 10 >
<Report Line : Japanese Manager >
<Team Member: None >
<Number of Subordinates: None >
<Products: Digital camera >
<Clients: Famous camera companies >

<Job Responsibilities>
・Responsible for practical of IATF 16949 acquisition project
-Make schedules for IATF and control the documents
-Report and consult with the management side to get IATF acquisition
-Cooperate with consulting companies
・Other related tasks
*After the project, you will be assigned to a department according your skills
*IATF; International Automotive Task Force

<Necessary Skill / Experience >
・Have experience of handling IATF matters in manufacturing company
・Business English skill or more

<Preferable Skill / Experience>
・Have experience of working at Japanese company


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