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Admin manager_Trading

Admin manager_Trading


Wholesale & Distribution

General Administration, Office Manager/Administration Manager


INR1,200,000 - 1,800,000

India Mumbai

Job Detail

Job Details
Position :  Administration 
Reporting to : Japanese MD
Work Location : Mumbai
Responsibilities :
○Administrarion affers as Manageer (assigneing admin members duties / office managemnt / expats managemet / etc... )
○HR work (hiring new employee / managing internal employee)
○Accounting work (collecting accounting data / managing company expenses / etc... )
○Cost reduction activity for company 
○Exhibition planning (booking exhibition space / contact to concern person / etc.. )
○Other duties as assigned
Requirements : 
○Experience og Cost reduction activity 
○Experience of work in Small and medium-sized enterprises as Manager
○Basic accounting knowledge
○Experience of work in Trading company
○ Experience of Exhibition planning 

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