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【Closed】HR GA GM - Manufacturing


HR GA GM - Manufacturing


Automotive Parts


INR1,500,000 - 2,000,000

India Pune

Job Detail

Job Details
Position :  HR GA General Manager
Reporting to : Managing Director
Work Location : Pune
Responsibilities :
HR IR (HR Operation / IR[Industrial Relation] / HR Policy Strategy and Implementation / Compliance and Legal / Recruitment and so on…)
Administration (Managing and supervising charge members / Expats Management / Documentation and so on…)
General Affairs (Managing and supervising charge members / Business Material Management / Documentation and so on…)
Other duties as assigned (Reporting …)

Requirements : 
The rich experience of HR IR GA
Strong IR knowledge
Strong  Knowledge related labour law
Working experience in Manufacturing company
The rich experience of union settlement
Certification related legal / Indian law


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