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Project Head - Logistics

Project Head - Logistics



Business Operations( Secretary/ Assistant/ Interpreter)


INR300,000 - 500,000


India Ahmedabad

Job Detail

Position : Project Head - Logistic

Reporting to : Japanese GM

Work Location : Ahmedabad

Responsibilities :

■Management of operation's progress 

■Planning for works and prescribe to site Manager.

■Educate workers

■Human resource management ( Prospect , personnel planning of each month , Runnning )

■The quality maintenance of operation

■The planning and operation for improvement. (Kaizen)

■Consultations on the matter with the customer.

■Task is to lead the logistic team sent in a field as a playing manager (Do logistic work by himself too).

Requirements : 

・Be able to take initiative and act.(Playing manager)

・Have the experience og managing some team.

・The experience of working used by PDCA cycle.

Desirable Experiences :

・Have the experience of managing the articles of automotive and knowledge of related items.(Clients are almost automotive company.)

Desirable Character :

・Having a flexibly,challenge mind, powerful mind, good communication skill and the skill of "Kaizen".

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