We are delighted to announce that the website for Japanese speaking people that we have been prepared for long has launched now!

Japanese-Jobs.com is a job search website specialized in human resources with Japanese skills and people seeking jobs at Japanese companies. It is run by Kamome, the overseas job search website operator of Recruit, which is number one in the world for job board revenue.*1

*1 Recruit is the Global No.1 Job Board provider (source: SIA reporting 2015 Annual Revenue (2,273 USD million))

We provide the recruiting information across more than 20 countries and markets. Other than Japanese and English, this website can also provide 4 more languages. And the function of Japanese skills test and voice chatting between applicants and companies are provided. Japanese-Jobs.com will provide a strong support for those people who want to find a better job in a much faster way.

Looking forward to your contact for any kinds of advisory.

For Job Seekers: https://jp.japanese-jobs.com/en/sign_up

For Employers: https://jp.japanese-jobs.com/en/cl/top

*Please register to the home page of country or region where the job is located and post the job.


【Japanese-Jobs.com / Contact Information】

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