We are delight to share the results that RGF is recognized as No.1 choice for both candidates and clients of Japanese origin, in a recent survey organized by Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd, RGF HR Agent. RGF is the No.1 recruitment services to change jobs globally for Japanese nationals, and No.1 company of choice for Japanese company's overseas hiring needs.

<Survey Details>

Period: From 25th Aug. 2016 to 30th Aug. 2016

Respondents: Japanese nationals residing in Japan and has handled global hiring or had changed the job globally   Age: 20-65

Samples: 65,229 and 236 respondents for clients and 164 for candidates

<Japanese Companies Hiring Outside Japan> means a Japan HQ based companies having hiring needs in overseas subsidiary.

<Usages> means using such services or companies for more than once in recent 10 years.

<Change Jobs Globally> means Japanese nationals finding jobs outside Japan.