India - Gurgaon/Gurugram
INR280,000 - 382,000
Job Number
English Level:Business Level;
Job Category
Business Operations( Secretary/ Assistant/ Interpreter)
Posted 2020/02/26

Job Description

Job Description
Job Description 1. Implementation of Quality Management System, Environment Management System and (occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) OHSAS.
2. Implementation of new system as per company derived requirement.
3. Implementation of company standard / sectional standard/Procedures etc.
4. Equipment control and inspection , Implementation of Different Maintenance Plans.
5. Tools and spare part controlling (Purchase requisition , receivening , storage, consumption)
6. Implantation of Action Plan/Improvement.
7. Impart Training to subordinates as per Training Plan.
8. New Documents establishment, Revision and controlling of document.
9. Effective Implementation of product plan,Quality Standard, Process and product requirement.
10. Cause analysis and implementation of corrective actions as and when required from quality standard, Different Audit outcome.

The position has been closed.