Vietnam - Hanoi
INR7,000,000 - 8,000,000
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Business Operations( Secretary/ Assistant/ Interpreter)
Posted 2020/07/24

Job Description

Company Overview
One of the Worlds Largest Coffee Exporter

Job Description
Drive excellence in Customer Centricity by form of relentless responsiveness to Customers and robust management of customer requirements at every stage of their life cycle.
Reverse engineering of Customer samples and create equivalent or superior with a value-add approach.
Work with business units in developing new product plans to achieve company Revenue.
Monitors all aspects of a product lifecycle, including long and short-term development , Stays abreast of trends in the marketplace to ensure the product's competitive position.
Monitors all aspects of a product lifecycle, including long and short-term development , Stays abreast of trends in the marketplace to ensure the product's competitive position.
Train and educate operations team to understand stated and implied needs of customers
In-charge of GEA-Niro Pilot Plant operations

•Excellent Numeric Ability & Analytical Skills
•Demonstrate sound planning, focused priorities, innovativeness and motivation
•Good Inter personal as well as Intra personal skills
•Assertive and energetic,
•Emanate role model behavior and exhibit team based work culture.
•Drive Innovations at all levels supporting customers .
•Drive for results
•Negotiation and persuading Skills
Expertise in Green, Soluble coffee Quality (Products & Service), Customer Management functions, International Quality Standards, systems & amendments.
Create new and customized products in accordance to the Customer and support business strategy and deliver excellence.
Enable Organizational success and excellence through continuous learning for self and team members
Analyze competitive marketplace and industry trends to accordingly develop business strategies for revenue generation

Additional Job Information
1.To engage as Specific Point of Contact in coordinating for all customer requirements and generating unique samples to customers.
2.To collaborate with customers in new product acceptance and their fine tuning as per geographies.
3.Having a complete understanding of organoleptic properties of Green coffee and coffee substitutes in preparing new/customized soluble coffee/coffee-mix samples.
4.Develop analytical lab and cupping room to international standards and proactively connect with customers in showcasing the new products.
5.Be a part of Sales & marketing team KAMs to proactively understand the changing needs of the customers and understand the technological developments to be a market leader.
6.Drive Innovations and Agility across the organization proactively addressing the customer requirements arising through Customer Contact Program along with Key Account Manager and sharing best practices across the organization (Voice of Customer).
7.Strengthening Specifications for New Product Development and existing products in tandem with collaborative inputs / support of Key Account Manager
8.Driving Certifications and ensuring compliance to the Standards of the geographies and markets identified as by Sales & Marketing Team
9.Liaise closely with Operations Team, Sales &Marketing Team and train Quality personnel to develop customer focus initiatives.
10.Compliance to SKU, legal, metrology requirements in management of customer focus initiatives & actions throughout the critical steps of Value Chain.
11.Prepare, Conduct Food Safety Management Audits and shall take all necessary actions (if any) resulting in performance improvement / compliance across `the division to improve GMP.
12.Understanding Green Coffee attributes of multiple sources to work on cost optimization of Customized blends

The position has been closed.