India - Ahmedabad
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Business Operations( Secretary/ Assistant/ Interpreter)
Posted 2021/08/31

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Company Overview
One of the leading Japanese MNC

Job Description
The Primary responsibility of this position is to manage the overall quality and assurance activities
at plant. Monitor and Maintain Incoming Material Quality / In Process Quality and Finished Goods

1. QA:- Quality Information control, quality control of parts delivered to customer
2. Quality improvement
 Enforcement & Management of quality policy
 Quality improvement Management
3. Quality Assurance system
 In house quality control instruction, supports vendor Quality improvement.
 Customer Audit handling
4. Set up Quality control
 Quality inspection standard, Validation, gauge procurement & storage
5. Quality control of product launching
 Quality control of parts obtained through each event & in production
launching, Customer quality audit handling
6. Inspection
 Final quality inspection, Quality check of products via check gauge,
production panel measurement for die dimensional accuracy inspection.
 Incoming parts inspection & shipping
7. Daily quality control
 Production parts inspection & judgement, initial parts stable quality control,
Design & process change control, regular quality inspection, In process nonconfirming
parts control, measuring instrument control, Handling customer
complain & in house quality problems,
 Tier-2 vendors Quality control & Management
8. Gourika (Rationalization, Horizontal deployment) Sustain & Maintain.

Additional Job Information
1.Hiring and managing of Team
2. Training to the subordinates
3. Allocation of work to the team member
4. Reviewing the performance of the team

B.E / B. Tech – Mechanical / Automobiles / Welding Technology / Metallurgy
Experience of Sheet Metal Stamping, weld Assembly of BIW Parts for automobiles,

The position has been closed.