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Interviews of past candidates

  • Mr. M,
    Sales Manager
  • A great journey in finding the perfect job! Thanks RGF!

    I registered at RGF website and was referred to RGF HK. I met the consultants there and they immediately referred three different positions to me during the face-to-face consultation.

    My profile was kept on their agenda and there were several more referrals for me. At last, I got an offer from a famous Japanese company. After consistent meaningful negotiations with my consultants and the company, I decided to take the offer.

  • Ms. C
    Administration and HR Officer
  • To climb to a high stage in the industry,Thanks RGF!

    With several years of administration experience in a Hong Kong trading firm, I would like to take a new opportunity to utilize my Japanese skills in next career.

    Through a job application at a recruitment website, RGF invited me to have a face-to-face interview.Finally I accepted an offer from a famous Japanese trading company as Administration and HR Officer.

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  • MR.S


    With the opportunity to obtain professional advice from my consultant, I have a better mindset of what kind of positions that suits me most.They provided timely follow-up and neutral advice.

  • MS.Q

    Sales Manager

    Furthermore, my consultant also provides a detail analysis of my potential career path, Thus helping me to gain confidence in pursuing my career in administration/HR field.

  • MR.K

    IT Engineer

    Their patience and understanding ensure me their professionalism. I believe in their expertise such that I do not only use their service myself, But I also suggest my friends to talk to my consultants.

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