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5 Tips For an Unbeatable CV

'Your resume needs some improvement', that's what you probably hear from friends when you aren't shortlisted after giving interviews. Organizations come across hundreds of resumes in a month and to stand out amongst them, a CV needs to be a masterpiece. A well-structured CV delivers great impression on the employers.

So, how do you create that stunning piece of CV writing that gets you hired and makes you the preferred choice above every other candidate?

Recruitment and HR specialists often guide their clients on ways to write influential CVs. Here are the top 5 tips for writing a successful CV:

Offer an easy-to-read CV

Job seekers really don't read everything that is enlisted in your resume. So, highlight only what you really want to be read. And then, present it in an easy-to-digest format. A format that is catchy and clear, including lists, bullets, highlights, bolds and underlines often do the job. Make sure that the CV doesn't get too long. It should normally be of 2 pages only.

Qualify your work, and then quantify it

If you can't provide ROI to the company, your work is ineffective. Show them what benefits and growth prospects you will bring along to their organization. Provide quantifiable proof that your work and effort has had impact.

Don't leave gaps

Ok, this sounds something related to formatting, but we are talking about gaps between your works. Lags in your working career make employers suspicious about your dedication and commitment. No one prefers a CV that displays that the employee hasn't settled anywhere for too long.

Include your personal statements wherever possible

As a job seeker, don't just presume that the employer will know how your experience relates to the job. Using a short personal statement tell him why you are the best person for the job. Make sure that your cover letter also includes some personal statements.

Gain trust by telling the truth

Lying might get you hired, but it will elevate the risk of getting fired anytime. Big firms often cross-check their new employees by communicating with their previous companies and references.

Writing an excellent CV can be one of the challenging tasks during job hunting. But, never fear! Take your time and follow these simple tips and you are on the road to get your dream job!.