【About RGF Hong Kong】 RGF is a global brand of Recruit Co Ltd, a largest recruitment agency in Japan. As a leading recruitment agency for both candidates and employers, globaly and localy we fully support for the best opportunities in Asia

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About RGF Hong Kong

RGF stands for RECRUIT GLOBAL FAMILY. We are a global brand of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd, Japan's largest recruiting and information services company.
We created this brand out of our commitment to take a new challenge for new opportunities globally by leveraging the industry experience and business network of Recruit Group in Japan.
RGF HR AGENT takes charge of RGF's business entity in general recruitment services. We provide all-rounded human resources service to clients at every stage of staff employment, such as evaluation, remuneration and staff training. Meanwhile, we assist job seekers in various ways to get the right job according to their individual preferences and experiences. Besides our services in full-time staff recruitment, we also offer a range of supporting services in RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) and contract base/temporary recruitment.
As the top market shareholder in human resources, temporary staffing and job advertisement corporate in Japan, we are convinced to provide high quality human resources management service across the region.
RECRUIT = RGF will continue to take up the challenge to be the number 1 recruitment agency from Japan to Asia.

Hong Kong
Company Name RGF HR Agent Hong Kong Limited Hong Kong Map
Share Holder RGF Hong Kong limited (100%)
Director 高比良 直人 (Naoto Takahira)
Address Unit 2603A, 26/F, Tower 1, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Hong Kong
TEL (+852) 2537 2557
FAX (+852) 2537 2583
Web http://www.rgf-hragent.asia/en/hongkong

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